Info Request Process – CAMP Grant Scholarships
CAMP Scholarship Info Request Process – ONLY awarded for college freshman year AND in select U.S. institutions.  
Step 1:  Browse the Directory by States (Only these 25-35 listed colleges/universities can award CAMP grant scholarships and you may Only receive this financial assistance during your college freshman year).  Current & Former CAMP students cannot apply again.  Phone and Email contact to each CAMP grant RECRUITER is listed in the directory. Make contact TODAY!
Step 2: Contact 2-3 of the CAMP grant RECRUITERS and request an application to their program.  Give yourself options! You may apply to more than one CAMP grant campus. Note: Each campus has its own admissions criteria, process, and deadline.  Plus each CAMP grant has unique financial assistance amounts to match their unique campus costs and your personal financial need.

If your higher education institution does not offer CAMP Grant Scholarships yet,
you may request an grant application from the U.S. Dept of Education, Office of Migrant Education