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The Harvest / La Cosecha
The Story of the Children Who Feed America

Every year there are more than 400,000 American children who are torn away from their friends, schools and homes to pick the food we all eat.  Zulema, Perla and Victor labor as migrant farm workers, sacrificing their own childhoods to help their families survive.  THE HARVEST/LA COSECHA profiles these three as they journey from the scorching heat of Texas’ onion fields to the winter snows of the Michigan apple orchards and back south to the humidity of Florida’s tomato fields to follow the harvest.

From the Producers of the Academy-Award® Nominated film, WAR/DANCE and Executive Producer Eva Longoria, this award-winning documentary provides an intimate glimpse into the lives of these children who struggle to dream while working 12 – 14 hours a day, 7 days a week to feed America

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Do you know about the CAMP? Federally-funded Scholarships for children of migrant/seaonal farmworker?


Scholarship System – Path to Scholarships 

“Another record year at Chapel Hill High School with over one million dollars in scholarships using Path to Scholarships®! A record of nine students received Faulconer Scholarships for five years and one Dell Scholar!”

Frances Palmer, Counselor, Chapel Hill High School, Tyler, Texas

“Path to Scholarships® is a very effective program that guides students step by step. The program not only guides students through the scholarship process, but also teaches them to speak from within in learning about their life purpose. Through this curriculum students are equipped and prepared to move on to the next level!”

Jaime Valverde, Counselor, Woodburn High School, Woodburn, Oregon

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